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HK Studio

Acting Coach

Sharpen up your acting skills.

Character work, setting the scene, and how to capture the audiences attention are just a few of the aspects we will cover together. 

These lessons also include monologue selections from my extensive monologue rep book.

( 30 minutes - $30.00 )

( 1 hour - $50.00 )

Acting Buddy

A fellow actor to help you with memorization for monologues or scene work. 

Memorization tips and tricks that will be right for you.

( 30 Minutes - $20.00 )

Mock Audition

Perform your audition and also receive tips on attire, slating, paperwork, battling nerves, and what to do once you're in the room.

( Up to 45 minutes - $30.00)

All lessons currently online. 
FREE consultation meet and greet video chats!

"He has been taking virtual lessons with Haley as his coach. He's been loving it! If anyone is looking for a safe activity for their kids during lockdown, I highly recommend contacting Haley."

"She had to do a monologue for school and we taped it today and she crushed it. She's improved a lot. It's the best I've ever seen her do."

"He had a lot of fun and definitely wants to book another lesson!"

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