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HK Studio

Acting Coach

Sharpen up your acting skills.

Character work, setting the scene, and how to capture the audiences attention are just a few of the aspects we will cover together. 

These lessons also include monologue selections from my extensive monologue rep book.

( 30 minutes - $30.00 )

( 1 hour - $50.00 )

Acting Buddy

A fellow actor to help you with memorization for monologues or scene work. 

Memorization tips and tricks that will be right for you.

( 30 Minutes - $20.00 )

Mock Audition

Perform your audition and also receive tips on attire, slating, paperwork, battling nerves, and what to do once you're in the room.

( Up to 45 minutes - $30.00)

All lessons currently online. 
FREE consultation meet and greet video chats!
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